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Community fundraising portal

The Funding Central website allows you to search for a variety of funds for your estate and local community.

We have a fundraising portal with Funding Central.

We understand that small changes can often make a big difference to our residents and their estate communities. That is why we are committed to supporting resident groups to raise and manage their own funds.

Funding Central allows you to search for a variety of funds which will bring to life community projects, improvements to the local area and increase the services which are available to residents and your community.

Residents can use any funding from the portal as the 20% residents contribution for a Greenshoots application. Searching is really quick and easy though their intuitive online search service.

Registering with Funding Central allows you to be updated in real-time when your search results change, and means that we can gather feedback more easily on the funding successes you have.

Users can also opt to receive a weekly Funding Central newsletter that keeps you updated with the latest funding trends, news and opportunities

  • Any new users will need to register on Funding Central to create their own log in
  • Please click on the link above and follow these steps to register, this will include providing your name and email address
  • As Hanover has paid a subscription fee please do not subscribe as an individual user. In the ‘organisation’ box, type ‘Hanover Housing Association’, then select it as it appears
  • Then click on the ‘next’ button to link up your new account to the organisational subscription

Funding Central have a helpful short video on how to get started:

The Fundraising Central portal is a separate website. Any personal information you enter into the portal will not be managed by Hanover.

Informal resident groups are restricted from some fundraising activities, including asking the public for donations or running anything which could be considered a public fundraising campaign, such as adverts in public places. When fundraising, residents should make it clear that they are raising funds for their own group, for example. 'Runnymede Court Gardening Club' and not for Hanover Housing Association.

Residents organising raffles or any activity which involves gambling should ensure these activities meet the standards set out on the Government's Gambling Commission website.

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If you have any questions about our community fundraising portal, or other fundraising, please email our Community Links team