Two residents chatting on their way to play tennis

Good Neighbour Scheme

When people come together connections are made.

Good Neighbour Schemes exist across England and Wales in cities, towns, villages and suburbs. We began looking at this initiative in 2017 through a collaborative process between estates-based staff, residents, and members of our Resident Engagement and Service Development teams.

The results were extremely positive and we now have a number of estates involved in the scheme whereby residents volunteer to give their time and offer practical help to other residents. This type of help can't always be obtained from family or social services.


Good Neighbour Schemes help to:

  • Build a sense of community on an estate
  • Put in place a support network when family and/or estates-based staff are not available
  • Provide residents with a friendly face around the estate
  • Give residents the opportunity to help others
  • Reduce loneliness and isolation as residents know they can contact someone listed in the estate directory

We all need extra help now and then.

Anchor Hanover customer


We've created a resource hub to guide staff and residents through the process of setting up a Good Neighbour Scheme on their estate. The toolkit can be accessed by the Estate Manager and includes:

  • How to produce an estate directory
  • Publicity materials, such as posters and newsletters
  • Guidance documents, including safeguarding and car insurance for volunteer drivers
  • Training resources, such as workshop materials and videos
  • Articles and case studies
  • External resources

It’s been really positive and a way to establish resident interaction.

Estate Manager, Anchor Hanover

The Good Neighbour Scheme also helps to support wider national initiatives that aim to address the growing levels of loneliness and isolation in society. For example, in June 2019 our staff were encouraged to display the Loneliness Awareness Week poster and flyer and hold a Good Neighbour Scheme at their estates.

The scheme adds to a caring atmosphere.

Anchor Hanover customer

If you're interested in the Good Neighbour Scheme for your estate, please contact your Estate Manager for details.