A Hanover estate manager chatting with residents

Staying fit

Exercising makes us feel good. Most importantly, we all need to find the physical activity we enjoy and that suits our level of mobility and fitness. We want to support residents to be active in a variety of ways.

  • We work with other organisations to offer exercise opportunities on estates or we can point you to local gyms and activities
  • We can facilitate residents to attend local events, if they want to, by helping with bookings, arranging transport, etc
  • We work with other organisations in some areas to help provide access to regular health checks
  • Activities happening on estates include yoga, Zumba and ballet

Walking football

Walking football is football played at walking pace. There are over 350 regular walking football sessions taking place all over the country. This beautiful game is once again being enjoyed by players who thought they had hung up their boots for good.

Mainly aimed at the over 50s, the game is growing in popularity, attracting players of all skill levels and experience. It is a fantastic way of keeping fit and meeting new people.

Chloe Buller, Football Development Officer at Wiltshire FA, explains: ‘Quite a few of the players that start at one session quickly grow in confidence and I see them turning up at different sessions at new venues across the area, which is great.’

The rules of walking football are much the same as the regular game, except that free kicks are awarded against anyone who runs. Hanover sent Jay Chapman, Service Development Manager, along to a session taking place in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Jay says: ‘It was brilliant – a very good work out. Some play to lose weight, some to meet new people, some to get fit, but everyone had one thing in common – they love football.’

Tony Norton, who organises six different sessions across Wiltshire, says: ‘What other team sport can you participate in when you are over 50, regardless of skill level and have every player walk off afterwards with a huge smile?’

You can find out more information on walking football and about sessions taking place near you by visiting the Walking Football website.

Outdoor gym Marina Court

Outdoor gyms have been growing in popularity and can now be found in over 500 locations across the UK. The gyms are free to use and are reported to have had a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of the people who use them. Marina Court, Tewkesbury didn’t want to miss out - and just look at the results!

Marina Court resident Margo Baron (pictured) tried out the new equipment during the grand opening in April, which attracted over 100 residents and visitors.

Everyone who attended took part to celebrate the opening of their new outdoor gym. Other activities that were available on the day and form part of the regular schedule of activities included boxercise, pilates, table tennis and tai chi.

The installation of the gym is the most recent example of how Marina Court has worked with local partners to generate funding to improve the estate and benefit the local community. Residents and the local community also work hard to make the estate a real community hub, which benefits everyone in the local area.

Operations Manager Rowena Hindle explains: ‘Marina Court opened back in 2007 after receiving additional grant funding of £4m pounds from the Department of Health. The plan back then was that Marina Court would have a Wellbeing Coordinator to provide services for our customers and the community.

'When we first opened the Therapy Suite (now more commonly known as the Community Hub), we offered a range of activities and events.

'However when guests came to the main doors they were locked, which was not very welcoming! Eight years on, we have open doors in working hours and a broad range of things to do which are run by lots of different people including residents, Hanover employees and outside agencies.

'Marina Court residents hold a bank account and all money made from the Hub is used on the estate for the benefit of everyone. Also, due to the increased popularity of the Hub it now makes additional money on top of its room hire which is put towards running costs and cleaning.

'We have used money generated by the Hub and additional grants to buy table tennis tables (outdoors or indoors), new archery equipment which is designed so it can also be used by people who have a disability, and of course our new outdoor gym.

'Initially residents were concerned about crime and misuse as the gym is on the estate grounds, but by working with the local Police and Crime Commissioner we soon overcame most of the concerns. In fact, as Marina Court is used by so many people it should help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour as the more people that use it, the more eyes there are to look after it.

'Now summer is here we are seeing more and more people using the gym; I even try and fit in a go when I visit on my lunch time – it really is good fun but not too much like hard work!’

The gym has five pieces of equipment which are all designed to work different parts of the body. Each piece of equipment is low impact, making them easy to use even for people who have never been to a gym before. The benefits of outside gyms have been researched by Liverpool John Moores University and the findings are very encouraging.

Since first using an outdoor gym, between 44% and 54% of all participants who had used the outdoor equipment and between 52% and 72% of regular users who used an outdoor gym once a week or more reported:

  • Having increased confidence to take part in physical activity
  • Undertaking more physical activity
  • Feeling physically fitter and healthier
  • Benefits for mental wellbeing: feeling more relaxed and less stressed

These findings are echoed by Nolah Wilding a member of the community who lives near Marina Court: ‘The gym is fantastic, I try and use it at least twice a week and I can feel myself getting fitter and fitter all the time.’

Lillian's 108th birthday

Since moving to Harp House in Barking in 1996, 108-year-old Lillian Twinley hasn’t looked back. She regularly goes dancing and attends quiz nights in the residents’ lounge.

Lillian says: ‘I love living here. With a fantastic lounge, restaurant, hair salon and a bowling green, there is nowhere else I would rather be.’

Estate Manager Innocentia Eze says: ‘Lillian is a wonderful role model - she is not on any medication, has no mobility issues and has a great memory. She has even tried her hand at tai chi!’

Lillian is pictured with fellow residents at her birthday celebration in the summer of 2016.

Jeanette Brown

Residents of Lillian Hind Court in Nottingham have been improving their health and wellbeing by taking part in belly dancing lessons, which are held in the residents’ lounge. The free classes were created thanks to Estate Manager Pamela Rowland Pierce and dance teacher Val Parnham. Non-residents are welcomed and encouraged to join in.

Pamela says: ‘Belly dancing is a great form of exercise for all ages, shapes and sizes. It helps to tone up the body, improve fitness, strengthen joints and beat stress. Since the classes started Val has helped many residents to improve their mobility too.’

64-year-old Jeanette Brown and 62-year-old Linda Grant are regulars at the class. 

Jeanette says: ‘Belly dancing is a fun way to get fit. We start off with a warm-up to make sure our ankles and hips are ready for the main dancing.’

The estate also offers a weekly tai chi class, pool and darts evenings, hairdressing and a monthly lunch club.