A Hanover estate manager chatting with residents

How to build community

We encourage activities that connect residents to each other, their estate and the local area.

We want residents to live in strong vibrant communities by supporting them to be good neighbours, and encouraging activities that connect them to one another, their estate and the local area. We will develop opportunities for residents to lead and participate in activities that interest them, make the most of their skills and build shared community resources. Each of our estates is different and the breadth and type of activities that builds community at each of our estates will vary. However, the core activities we will support at all estates are:

  • Residents groups and social clubs
  • Residents' groups that welcome new people to the estate
  • Applications for our Greenshoots grants and access to our community fundraising portal
  • A community noticeboard
  • Projects that help residents get online and use the internet
  • Helping residents attend local events and activities
  • Adult learning opportunities

Case studies

Browse our case studies and be inspired by exciting ideas and initiatives brought to life across our estates by residents and staff. For ease of reference, we've grouped them by a number of health and wellbeing themes. If your particular idea isn’t featured here, please do get in touch with us on 01480 475069 or via email to engagement@hanover.org.uk. We’d love to hear from you!

Church services

Want to create a local place of worship that welcomes all faiths and is easily accessible?

Fish and chip lunches

Want to increase your estate's community spirit and establish a sociable lunch event that everyone will look forward to?

Good Neighbours

Remember the days when a great community spirit was commonplace, with good neighbours helping each other out?

Community Champions

Could you help new residents to settle in or offer practical help to those who are ill or experiencing difficulties?

Hearing loop

Looking for ways to improve the involvement of residents with hearing loss at meetings and social events?

Falls prevention

Interested in older people's fitness classes, either as a participant or as an organiser?

Get active

Ever considered setting up a variety of fun exercise and dance classes for everyone to enjoy?


Bored with running just for the sake of it? Like to do some good for your local community at the same time?

Men’s Sheds

Are you good with your hands and enjoy repairing or building things? Would you enjoy working on shared projects?

Movement to music

Would you like to get involved in a fun activity that is open to all and could help improve your health, happiness and mobility?


Grow Your Own

Would you like to help grow and sell your own home-grown fresh produce as part of a hardworking team?


Ever considered getting involved in a healthy and sociable activity that fascinates young and old alike?

Coffee club

Want to create a warm and inviting coffee club that brings everyone together?


Ever thought of preserving your life stories for posterity and sharing experiences and wisdom with others?

Be your own contractor

How can residents become contractors for services such as gardening and cleaning on their estates?

How to be your own contractor

Looking for guidance on procuring your own gardening or cleaning services for your estate?

Intergenerational projects

Ever thought of how different generations can help each other and reach a better understanding?

Sign your name

Looking to increase your communication skills and try something new that can be great fun?

Community Champion

Would you like to help new residents to feel more settled, welcomed and supported?

Partnering with volunteers

Interested in helping create social activities that make a real difference to the lives of older people?

Providing a community defibrillator

Did you know that local grant schemes are available that could provide funding for a community defibrillator?

Telephone befriending

Would you be interested in giving or receiving regular telephone calls as part of a friendship and wellbeing service?