A Hanover estate manager chatting with residents

Improving our services

An opportunity to scrutinise how we do things and to suggest ways we can improve.

Resident engagement plays an important part in helping us continually improve our services and ensure we provide value for money. Activities within this strand provide opportunities for residents to influence our services by investigating and scrutinising how we do things and suggesting ways we can improve. Residents can work with staff to evaluate our services and contribute to the development and design of new and improved services.

National residents’ groups

We have four national residents groups that hold us to account, scrutinise our performance, suggest new ideas and make recommendations for how we can improve. Further information is available on our National residents’ groups page.

Local agreements

Hanover offers tenants and homeowners real and meaningful choices about the services they receive. Our local agreements explain the services we provide and record residents’ collective decisions about the management of the estate. Agreements are updated regularly in full consultation with everyone living at each estate. To find out more, please visit our Local agreements page.

Residents' Associations

A residents’ association is an organisation which is set up by residents so that they can work together to become more involved in and improve the estate they live in. Associations are a good way to foster community spirit and resolve issues that are of common concern to all residents on an estate. More information is available in our Residents’ Associations helpsheet. If you would like to set up and run a residents' association, please see our Handbook for Residents’ Associations.

Residents' Complaints Panel

Residents who feel that their complaint is unresolved after taking it through our one stage complaints process can approach our Residents’ Complaints panel to request an impartial review of how Hanover has handled their complaint.  The panel is independent from Hanover and can make a number of different recommendations if they think further action can resolve the complaint. For further information, please see our Complaints, Unresolved helpsheet.

Greenshoots Panel

Greenshoots is our grants scheme available to all Hanover estates. Once a month, panel members score applications to decide which projects will receive funding. Our Greenshoots Panel includes two residents and three members of staff. To find out more, visit our Fundraising & grants page.

Coming soon

Over time, as we implement our new engagement strategy we will introduce more ways that residents can challenge our performance and help us improve our services. These will include residents researchers, pop-up scrutiny groups, resident inspectors and a resident mystery shopper scheme.