A Hanover estate manager chatting with residents

National residents groups

We work with four national residents' groups to improve our services.

National residents' groups

We have four national residents' groups that hold us to account, scrutinise our performance, suggest new ideas and make recommendations for how we can improve. 

Hanover Communities Council

The Council oversees and co-ordinates a range of resident scrutiny activity that falls within this strand, supporting and overseeing the work of the other national and local scrutiny groups. If you'd like to contact the Council, please email hcc@hanover.org.uk.

Oversight and Intelligence Group

This group receives regular reports about our performance to identify areas where we can improve. They may then go on to examine this issue or service in detail and make recommendations as to how the issue or service can be improved or resolved.

Ideas and Creativity Group

This group’s purpose is to encourage residents to submit ideas that may improve our services. The group evaluates the ideas and supports good ideas to come alive. Group members are also able to submit their own ideas to be evaluated.

The Service Development Model/Asset Management Strategy Review Panel

We share information with this group about our work looking at how we might deliver services to residents in the future. We also seek advice from this group about the changes we are making to how we manage planned maintenance. They act as a critical friend and make sure that our work in these areas is in the best interest of residents.

Find out what the national residents' groups have been doing

National Residents' Groups Update September 2017 to January 2018.pdf

National Groups Update August 2017.pdf

National Residents' Groups Conference August 2017.pdf

National Groups Update May 2017.pdf

National Groups Update January 2017.pdf

Hanover Communities Council Residents Charter.pdf