A Hanover estate manager chatting with residents

You said, we did

We're committed to listening to you and acting on your feedback wherever possible.

However you engage with us, we are committed to listening to you and acting on your feedback whenever possible. We want to show you some of the great changes we've made in response to recent resident engagement activity.

Housing management assessment days

We held resident engagement sessions as part of a number of different exercises included in recent staff assessment days. During the resident engagement session, candidates applying for housing and support management roles were observed engaging with residents.

Candidates’ scores for the resident engagement session were evaluated along with scores of exercises to assess other skills. We have offered those candidates who achieved total scores that met our minimum criteria a role in a new housing and support management structure.

Customer service standards

You said that staff doing what they say they is the most important element of customer service to you. We have included this and other elements of customer service that you have told us are important in a Customer Service Charter. We are working with the Hanover Communities Council to finish the document and agree how we can promote the charter to residents.

Men’s Sheds and activities

You said you support making sure that there are a variety of activities held on estates, so that there are activities that are attractive to men as well as to women.

We are working with a small group of male and a few female residents to decide how best we can develop more activities that appeal to men. This includes promoting an initiative called Men’s Sheds.  A Men’s Shed is a larger version of the typical man’s shed in a garden. It provides a place where men (and some women) can go to meet other men and do practical activities.  Please visit www.menssheds.org.uk for more information.